Sample School Theatre Department Social Media Plan

Sample Theatre Department Social Media Plan


All students and parents must sign a copy of the school’s Acceptable Use policy for Technology.  All parents and students must sign the Theatre Department Social Media Policy and provide a parent email address.  All parents will be invited to join class Facebook pages and Twitter feeds.

At the beginning of each semester or year, each class is expected to review the purpose of using technology in the theatre classroom and the roles and expectations therein.

Technology in the theatre classroom is for promoting student work and expanding the classroom beyond the traditional four walls.  The use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, GoogleDocs, Edmoto, and VoiceThread, among others, is an excellent way to find and share educational content, and exercise critical and aesthetic thinking skills.  Theatre teachers are encouraged to integrate technology in meaningful ways into the theatre environment whether it is using software for sound cues for a production, or a social media platform to share student work and invite parental and school commentary.

All technology must be approved by the department head prior to use; lesson plans using technology should always include information on and practice recognizing authentic and appropriate material on the internet.  The department’s zero tolerance policy on cyber bullying and using school computers or software for personal means must also be shared at the beginning of every experience utilizing technology.


Each class will maintain its own Facebook page that is open only to the current students (and their parents) for that year or semester.  Pages will display class syllabus, assignments, and due dates.  Pages may also be used for extending classroom discussions, contacting the teacher outside of classroom hours for class related issues only,   pictures and videos of lectures, classwork, assignments, or related educational content.  The classroom teacher is expected to approve all members joining and moderate any posts made.

Each production may elect to host a Facebook page open to the school and community.  The purpose of the page is to promote performances, share the production process and provide links to other materials supporting the production.


The Theatre Department will maintain a Twitter feed geared toward the school, parents and community.   While students may contribute to the feed content, only the department head may post the tweet or related content.  The purpose of this feed is to promote productions and student and faculty achievements.  A minimum of one tweet per week is expected.


Theatre teachers are encouraged to use YouTube for searching for educational content and sharing student work through the approved school channel.

Edmoto, VoiceThread:

Theatre teachers are encouraged to use Edmoto and/or VoiceThread to share student work and invite parental feedback.  Teachers are also encouraged to connect with other schools or persons of note (playwrights, directors, actors) to join the community and offer commentary.  All teachers are expected to closely monitor feedback on student work to maintain a community of constructive criticism.


Sample School Media Plan -St. Thomas Social Media plan


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